What is gigme

Gigme is an entertainment ecosystem connecting live performers, organisers and audiences, reducing the frustrations of administration, marketing, and making a living.

The core of the platform is Gigme’s escrow platform, which connects digital contracts between live performers and organisers, as well as live performers and audiences. In short, the live performer can double their income stream while reducing the frustration of administration.


The gigme team


Morry Morgan

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Morry is the former owner of a four-storey live music venue, in Tanghui, Shanghai.

He is also the founder of Australia’s largest stand-up comedy school (Hard Knock Knocks).

Morry has also founded a 85 person training and development firm (ClarkMorgan Ltd) before exiting in 2019. His most recent position prior to Gigme was CEO of Haufe China, a division of Germany’s largest training and digital transformation firm.


Billy Qiu

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Billy Qiu has more than 15 years of experience in IT consulting, and digital marketing.

He is the former founder and CEO of a marketing service pioneer (Tarate), Technical Director of one of the top global marketing agencies (MRM) and most recently was consulting SaaS firms in Tokyo, Japan.

Billy has also worked directly under Morry in a former start-up (ClarkMorgan).

Hard Knock Knocks Comedy School - Black and White

Hard Knock Knocks
Comedy School

The Hard Knock Knocks community of comedians are actively performing across Australia.

To date, the number of active comedians is over 800, and engaged followers are over 10,000.

This group of comedians and audience members are the ’critical mass’ of Gigme.

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